Our History: In the 1970's this beautiful four story building in colonial Old San Juan housed the Centro Nacional de las Artes. The Centro was an artist collective that ran an art gallery, workshops for printing and silkscreening, and dance and music classes. In the spirit of this history we invite you to experience bohemian living in Old San Juan.

Welcome to
Da' House Hotel

"Da House" is the urban-latino pronunciation of "The House", with the emphasis on "The", the one, the space where it is happening. In this case, "it" is your vacation or visit to Old San Juan. You will find yourself proudly replying "In Da House" to inquiries as to where you stayed..

Experience Old San Juan in Exciting Puerto Rican Style

Da House hotel is above legendary cafe teatro "The Nuyorican Cafe", offering comfortable, eclectic accomodations in a friendly, vibrant setting reminiscent of the character of hostals in great European cities like Amsterdam, Paris or Barcelona.